Can I manually link an Eventbrite Event to a Salesforce Campaign

Generally, most customers enable, via settings, the auto-create Salesforce Campaign option.  With this option enabled when an Eventbrite event is created we will also create a Salesforce campaign and link the two.  Optionally we can update campaign members based on Eventbrite attendees.

You can also manually link an Eventbrite event in Salesforce to an existing Salesforce campaign.  Again if the option to update member statuses is enabled this will update them when the sync runs (typically every hour). To manually link go to the Eventbrite event in Salesforce, click on event details, and on the Salesforce campaign section click link -

Once linked you either need to wait for the sync to run or go to settings and click sync now.  Also, ensure that updating of Salesforce campaign members is enabled -
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