Can I add my own reports to the custom Eventbrite screens?

When you view the Eventbrite Event tab or an Eventbrite Event in Salesforce, you may notice a 'Reports' button. Clicking this button shows a selection of specific reports. Should you wish to incorporate your own custom reports you need to assign them an API Name with a designated prefix, aligning with the screen they're meant for. The table provided outlines the screens equipped with a 'Reports' button and the requisite API prefix for each. 

  • Event Lists View: Utilize the Eventbrite_List prefix for reports.
  • Event Details Screen: Use the Eventbrite_ prefix.
  • Orders/Attendees Screen: Assign the Eventbrite_Order prefix.
  • Questions/Answers Screen: Implement the Eventbrite_Answer prefix.
  • Emails Screen: Employ the Eventbrite_Email prefix.
To have a report appear on the Eventbrite Event Details Screen, the report API Name would need be to - 

Eventbrite_ Example_Report

Apart from the first option, the list view all of the other screens are specific to an Eventbrite Event.  If you want to follow this pattern, ensure your first report filter is based on the Eventbrite Event Id (not the Salesforce Id). E.g. 557428191727
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