What is the best way to import data into Campaign Monitor?

The import wizard is the most popular way to add records from Salesforce to Campaign.  It has a 3 step process that allows you to select a source -  Salesforce reports, list views, campaigns, or SOQL.

If you include fields in your source, the second step lets you map them to Campaign Monitor.  This helps to segment your subscriber list or personalization your emails. The final step allows you to set up a schedule to automate the process. Some other key points:

  • The import wizard allows you to work with any Salesforce object. 
  • You are not limited to the standard email fields.
  • You can create one or many imports on the same subscriber list.
  • Imports can be a one-off exercise or scheduled for future runs.
  • The replace option can remove records from a subscriber list.
  • You can choose to have records that are deleted set back to active.

The next best step is to review our support article, which covers how the import wizard works and includes a video.

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