Troubleshooting Creating Salesforce Leads And Contacts

If Salesforce Leads or Contacts are not being created for new Campaign Monitor subscribers, follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

  1. Check the Create records rule has been configured. By default the integration will not auto create Leads or Contacts without your permission. This is to ensure your data remains safe. See: Creating Salesforce records
  2. If Create records has been configured, then navigate to a Member detail record.
  3. Click the Refresh button (top right of the screen). This will attempt to create or update the member in Salesforce using the rules configured in both the Create records section and Field mappings. If there is an error attempting to refresh the subscriber, then a modal will appear showing why it could not be created or updated.
  1. Check that the Subscriber/Member is Active (unsubscribed or deleted subscribers won't be created).
  2. Click the View audit link at the bottom of the member details screen to check that the the subscriber is not Suppressed.

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