How does the Campaign Monitor preference center work with the Salesforce integration?

Campaign Monitor has a preference center feature. It will allow a subscriber to update custom field values stored in Campaign Monitor. If you need these changes to flow back to Salesforce, you can use our field mapping feature in the direction of Campaign Monitor to Salesforce. Once set up, field mappings will sync mapped fields from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce every time the primary sync runs (by default every hour). To learn more about Salesforce field mappings, click here

If you are syncing data from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce for specific fields, Campaign Monitor really becomes the source of truth for those fields. Although it is not typical, you might have a use case in that you want Salesforce changes to update those same Campaign Monitor fields. But generally, preference center fields are updated by the subscriber in Campaign Monitor and synced back to Salesforce via field mappings. They are not also updated in Salesforce and then pushed back to Campaign Monitor.

Field mappings can only map a specific field in one direction. So if you have set it up to map data from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce, you cannot map it again. But you can use our import wizard, which has its own independent built-in field mappings feature. The import wizard also has a scheduling feature to automate the process. When setting up the source for the import wizard, we suggest including a filter to ensure that it only contains recently modified records. You can learn more about the import wizard here

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