How can I work with more than one email address for the same person?

In Campaign Monitor, an email address can only be on a subscriber list once. The subscriber list membership records are contained within a flat table. So there is no possibility to link records or have a single subscriber with many different email addresses.

If you have a Salesforce contact or lead with many email addresses and want to load them into Campaign Monitor, the best option is to use our import wizard.

As an example, if you wanted to add one Salesforce contact with two email addresses to the same Campaign Monitor subscriber list, you could use these steps:

  1. Create two Salesforce reports containing the fields you need. Be sure to include the Salesforce contact Id and one of the email addresses (e.g., a personal email on one report and a work email on the other).
  2. Use our import wizard to create an import schedule for the first report. Then create another import using the wizard for the second report. On both wizards, map the contact Id to the Salesforce ID field in Campaign Monitor. More on mapping Salesforce ID.

Using separate imports with different reports will allow you to work with multiple email addresses. We will use the contact or lead ID (instead of just one email) to match Campaign Monitor records when synching data back to Salesforce. Subscriber list membership and email tracking records will be linked to the same contact or lead.

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