How much does the integration cost?

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce is an integration between two system developers by us Beaufort 12.  The cost of our integration is separate from both Salesforce and Campaign Monitor.

Our integration works with Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions of Salesforce.  If you have not purchased Salesforce yet and are trying their product, you can still install our application and also trial the integration.  You cannot purchase until your Salesforce org is fully active.

Campaign Monitor
If you already have Salesforce but are new to Campaign Monitor, you might want to check out their product first and make sure you are happy with the costs, and they are a good fit for your organization - See www.campaignmonitor.com.  Amongst other things, Campaign Monitor's mass email solution will handle how you build your email templates, create and deliver your campaigns.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce (integration)
Our integration is charged based on the number of active subscribers. An active subscriber is an email address on a subscriber list in Campaign Monitor that is active (i.e. not unsubscribed, bounced, etc.) We use that number against our tiered pricing model.

So, for example, if you have between 10,000 and 15,000 active subscribers, your fee for our integration will be US$40 per month.

Once purchased, we will charge the card on file automatically every month.  At the time we charge you, we will provide an email invoice receipt.

For more detailed information on billing, click here

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce is a site license, which means all Salesforce users can access our product if you decide, at no additional cost.

Why do we charge?
We are not part of Campaign Monitor or Salesforce. Our fee covers the initial and continuing development of the integration and our email-based support team. It is worth noting that we don't receive the full fee, margins are very tight. A significant portion is paid to Salesforce, payment processing, and taxes.

Can I pay by invoice?
Our integration is sold via Salesforce Checkout which we have no control over.  The only way to pay is via card payment and on one of our monthly plans.  Invoices, purchase orders, bank transfers are not supported.

Try before you buy
You can install our product into your sandbox or production environment to try free, fully-featured, for 14 days.  But before you do this, we'd recommend reviewing these articles:

1. Installation & Setup
2. Getting started guide

The getting started guide contains a video that provides a detailed look into how our product works and hopefully answers a lot of your questions. 

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