Can I create events in Campaign Monitor?

We make it easy to add Salesforce records to your Campaign Monitor subscriber lists. Then you can send a mass email to that list, or if you have a journey setup, you can trigger it.

If you are planning an event and are using something like the Salesforce Campaign object, you could use our import wizard  to directly import the Campaign members into your Campaign Monitor subscriber list. If you map the Campaign member status and also schedule the import, your statuses will be updated in Campaign Monitor as often as every hour.

Once in Campaign Monitor, you can segment upon status (or any other fields you think are important). Many customers then might send a followup email thanking customers for attending the event or if they did not attend the event ask them to provide additional information. If the status is mapped as above, segments in Campaign Monitor can be built upon the field, allowing you to email both sets of attendees independently.

We also have another product called Eventbrite for Salesforce which provide seamless event management.

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