Are there any limits when working with the email tracking lightning component?

You have two choices when it comes to viewing email tracking history in Salesforce.  We can store data in our custom object (email tracking history) this is useful if you want to work with Salesforce reporting.  Or you could use our lightning component which surfaces the data in real-time direct from Campaign Monitor. Both options are viewable from the Salesforce contact or lead page layout.

Surfaced data is not stored in Salesforce so is not available for reporting. The advantage of surfaced data is that it does not count against your storage limits. The component is usually added to a Salesforce contact or lead, it will show how they have interacted with your Campaign Monitor campaigns.  If the person is on more than ten subscriber lists a dropdown will appear allowing you to select the appropriate list.  The reason for this is to be respectful of Salesforce limits.
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