What is the 50,000 limit when working with reports?

Salesforce has many limits; some we can work around others are hard limits (i.e. we cannot).

If you are using our import wizard to add Salesforce records to Emma via a Salesforce report, there is a hard limit of 50,000 records. This is the same limit you will run into if you attempt to add more than 50,000 records to a Salesforce campaign.

There are alternative solutions if you need to import more than 50,000 records:
  1. Use our import wizard with list views or SOQL statements then the 50,000 limit does not apply.
  2. Break up a report and create multiple imports using the import wizard.
  3. Export the Salesforce report to CSV and directly import it into Emma (i.e. outside of Salesforce). After that initial import, you can filter your Salesforce report to only includes records that have been modified in the last 24 hours. Finally, you can then use the import wizard with the amended report.
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