What happens if my import has duplicate records?

In Emma, an email address can only be in the audience once. The audience membership records are contained within a flat table. So there is no possibility to link records or have a single audience member with many different email addresses. 

If you have a contact with many email addresses and want to load them into Emma, you can do this using our import wizard.

I need to add a Salesforce contact to a list in Emma. The record has two email addresses I need to add.
  1. Create two Salesforce reports each containing the fields you need, the Salesforce contact ID, and one of the email addresses.
  2. Use our import wizard to create an import schedule for the first report. Then create another import using the wizard for the second report.
Now both email addresses will be added to Emma. Our integration will create audience membership records back in Salesforce. These are linked to contact, usually using the standard email field, however by including the Salesforce contact ID we'll detect this and link using this instead. In Salesforce, once the process has been completed, you should see two subscriber list membership records for the contact with the different email addresses. From Emma's perspective, the email addresses added as per the example above are not associated in any way. 

Out of the box, our integration does not create contacts or leads in Salesforce. You can turn this feature on, but in this scenario, records will be created. The reason being the creation process has to use the standard email field. Which in the example above would not exist as a contact for one of the email addresses. And therefore would be created as a new contact in Salesforce.
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