How do I manually update page layouts?

It is rare but it is possible for the code to automatically update your contact, lead or campaign page layouts not to work due to a conflict. A Salesforce administrator or consultant can easily set up the pages using the steps below:

Contacts or Leads

1. Go to the contact / lead page layout
‍2. Drag onto the page these related lists:

a. eventbrite attendees
b. eventbrite orders

‍3. On each of the related lists above:

a. click the gear icon
b. click on the plus icon for buttons and uncheck New 

Campaigns, Campaign Members, Opportunities 
These steps are only necessary if you are syncing Events, Attendees, and Orders to these Salesforce objects. On each object,

1. Go to the page layout

2. Optionally create a new section called Eventbrite

3. In the quickfind, search for "eventbrite" to find all the available fields

4. Drag any fields you would like onto the layout

5. Save the layout

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