How can I work with Salesforce reports?

Our objects are built to Salesforce standards so work with reports.  Included within our application are example:
  • Report types.
  • Reports.
  • Dashboard.
The two objects you will be most interested in are:
  1. Emma audience - Shows an Emma audience record in Salesforce
  2. Email mailing history - Shows subscriber interactions with your email campaigns
Reports are based upon report types, we have set up a couple, but you may want to create your own.  Beaufort 12 does not create or support reports/dashboards for customers.  You do have the following options: Tips

Report Types
If you create a custom report type you can use related lookups to pull in extra information i.e. a contact's phone number.

Cross object filters
Cross object filters are a useful feature if you are looking to filter on a related object. For example, you might want to see which contacts are not in Emma. To do this simply create a report based on contacts and then apply a cross object filter on the Emma audience object.
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