How can I better filter my Emma Salesforce reports?

Cross object filters are a powerful way to work with your standard contact object and filter on related records.
They are a standard Salesforce feature that can help in several ways; to learn more, click here
 I have also listed some below to help:

  1. Quickly see which contacts are or are not on a subscriber list.
  2. Use the filter to update only audience members that are in Emma.
  3. Show contacts that have or don't have email tracking history
  4. Combine Emma records with fields on your contact or account objects

Start by creating a Salesforce report based on the Contacts & Accounts report type. You can now add the fields and filters you need to include in the report. When you are ready to run the report, add the cross object filter:

a. Click Filters
b. On the drop-down, click Add Cross Filter
c. Add your criteria, i.e., Show Me Contacts with Emma audience membership records.
d. Once you have the cross filter in place, you could consider adding a filter on the object, i.e., State = Active

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