Why was a record unsubscribed?

Generally, an unsubscribe happens via Campaign Monitor.  When a person receives an email, they can click to unsubscribe, or if you have a preference center, they can remove themselves.  When our primary sync next runs, it will update Salesforce.

In Salesforce, customers typically use our import wizard or subscriber rule feature.  Both of these options can add a person to a subscriber list or set them to deleted if enabled.  They won't, however, change the status to unsubscribed.

If you want to make a person unsubscribed via Salesforce, there are a few options:

  1. On the subscriber list membership record, simply click the email opt-out.
  2. Using process builder, you can use an invokable action to unsubscribe a record.
  3. If you have enabled the email opt-out options via our general settings tab, this can also unsubscribe a record.
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