Why are email tracking statistics not being synced?

Email tracking history is loaded into Salesforce as part of the primary sync, which runs every hour by default.  Although rare, there are a few reasons why tracking data might be missing.

The first checks can all be done from our sync settings page. Click here to begin.

  1. Check the Email Tracking History section settings.
  2. At the very bottom of the page, there is a Salesforce Storage indicator check to ensure it is under 100%.
  3. If all the settings look correct, try running Full sync. Just click the dropdown arrow next to the Sync Now button.

Remember that email tracking history might have been created but not linked to the contact or lead you are viewing.  Consider using Salesforce global search with the email address found in Campaign Monitor.  An email tracking history could be linked to a duplicate contact or lead or not linked to any record.

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