What permissions do I need to trigger a subscriber rule?

Subscriber rules are built using standard Salesforce triggers and Apex code. Salesforce requires users to have permission to fire triggers and execute Apex code. To help we have provided permission sets to make this process as easy as possible. The key point is if you have set up subscriber rules, ideally all users should have one of our permission sets so that they can trigger correctly (see: Adding a permission set).

If you have one or more guest site users they will also need permissions for our code to run. The guest site user is a special type of Salesforce user generally linked to a force.com site or application that uses force.com. Like other users, it can create or update Salesforce records. Similar to the above section on triggering rules a guest site user will also need a permission set. To help we have created a special permission set (Campaign Monitor - Guest Access) which can be assigned to enable subscriber rules to trigger and process correctly see: Adding a permission set).

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