What happens when email address changes in Salesforce?

If you update the standard email address in Salesforce for a contact or lead we will update the corresponding subscriber in Campaign Monitor if;
  • The subscriber list membership record is linked to the contact or lead.
  • The standard Email field (contact or lead) has changed.
  • The email address you are changing doesn't already exist in Campaign Monitor.
It is rare but it is possible for the rename not to work even though the conditions above are met.  This is usually because of permissions or a conflict with another process or custom code.  We recommend checking the following:

1. Does the person who changed the email address in Salesforce have one of our permission sets?

2. If they do, it is worth trying to replicate the problem. To do this, first change the email address back in Salesforce and save. Then change the Salesforce record to the new email address and wait a few minutes to see if it has worked. 

If the renaming process still does not work, then check our maintenance logs, as they might indicate the problem.

Is one of the most complicated processes to handle within Salesforce as there are so many permutations.  To help, we have written an article specifically to detail how our products work when records are merged please click here.
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