Is there a bounce report in Salesforce?

Typically bounce reporting is handled in Campaign Monitor.  The team has built special reports to help, you can learn more here.  In Salesforce we primarily store information in two objects:

1. Subscriber list members
2. Email tracking history

Subscriber list members will show if a record has bounced but it does not contain any campaign data. The status of bounce at this level does not differentiate between soft and hard.

Email tracking history is specific to a Campaign Monitor campaign and will give you additional information.  Below are the steps to create your own bounced report in Salesforce.

Creating a report
Using Salesforce standard report builder select the email tracking history object. You can then add any fields or filters you think would prove useful, we'd suggest the following


  • Email tracking history: Campaign
  • Activity
  • Activity Date
  • Email Address
  • Bounce Reason
  • Lead and or Contact
  • All email tracking history
  • All-time
  • Activity equals Bounced
  1. You could filter on a specific campaign using the Email tracking history: Campaign field
  2. You could group by the Email tracking history: Campaign field
Report Types
To build the report above we are using a standard report type.  If you need additional information for example fields from the contact or lead object you could create your own custom report type. A custom report type allows you to work with different objects or use related lookups to pull data into a report. To learn more please see Salesforce trailhead - https://trailhead.salesforce.com/live/videos/a2r3k000001n21B/reports-and-dashboards---custom-report-types/?lang=en

For example - build a custom report type based on the email tracking history object, and use a related lookup to pull through the company name via the lead.
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