How do I work with the full name field?

Oddly Salesforce does not provide a full name field, it is made up of first and last name. So we often see customers doing the following.

1. In Salesforce on the contact or lead objects create a formula text field for the full name. The full name seems to be a common Salesforce problem they even have a trailhead for it which contains an example formula you can use -https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/v/modules/advanced_formulas/text_formulas

2. Once you have this field you can map it from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor via the import wizard.

3. As an optional extra you might want to use the import wizard to create custom fields in Campaign Monitor to store first and last name. So your report in Salesforce would contain full name, first name, and last name. This just gives you a lot of flexibility when in Campaign Monitor.

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