How do I work with first and last name fields?

In certain cases you might want to separate first and last name fields in Campaign Monitor. This is accomplished by creating custom fields in Campaign Monitor.  You can do this either in Campaign Monitor directly, using the import wizard, or via field mappings. By breaking the fields out you have greater control when injecting content in your template emails.

Conversely when passing back data from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce you might also want to use this method. This is because Campaign Monitor API only has a full name field we can pass back to Salesforce. If you have chosen to create Salesforce records we will attempt to split that field into first and last name. However this can prove unreliable should a person have a middle name, or double barrelled last name.

For this reason if you have chosen to update Salesforce records (not create new ones) based on Campaign Monitor data we will not update a person's name in Salesforce if changed. This is to ensure data in Salesforce is not incorrectly updated.

A good work around is to create custom fields for first and last name on your Campaign Monitor list and map these to Salesforce Click here.

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