How do I move to a new Salesforce Org?

Your Campaign Monitor for Salesforce subscription is linked to your current Salesforce Org. You will need to re-install our integration in the new org and reconnect it to Campaign Monitor.

Install our app in the new Salesforce org and complete the standard setup process. This will create a new license and start a 14-day free trial of our premium features.

The setup process will also update your contact, lead, and Salesforce campaign page layouts in the new Salesforce org.

We recommend using the time within the 14-day free trial to make sure you are ready to cancel the license in your old Salesforce org. After you have connected our app to your new Salesforce org, the Campaign Monitor data will flow into Salesforce just like before. This includes subscriber lists, subscriber list members, and tracking statistics.

You may need to re-configure the following settings:
1. General settings (i.e., email opt-out options)
2. Import wizard schedules
3. Field mappings
4. Subscriber rules
5. Process builder flows

Once you are happy that your new Salesforce org is correct, you can then purchase a new license and contact us to cancel the old license.

If you are not changing your Campaign Monitor subscription, then there should be no need to worry about moving any templates etc as these will continue to be stored in Campaign Monitor, separately from Salesforce. When you connect the other Salesforce instance to Campaign Monitor, it will show all the new Campaign Monitor details in that new Salesforce instance.

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