How do I give Salesforce users access to Campaign Monitor?

When you first install our application access is generally limited to Salesforce system administrators.  You can then provide different levels of access to users via permission sets.  To assign a permission set you just need to go to the user security screen.

Once there simply select one or more users that need access and click the edit permissions button on the top right. This will allow you to chose which permission set to assign.
  • Full Access - Give access to everything.
  • Standard Access - Gives access to everything except the Campaign Monitor admin app.
  • Limited Access - Allows our code to execute but does not show the Campaign Monitor app to the user.
  • Guest Access - Special permission set that can be assigned to the Salesforce Site Guest user.
Typically most users will be assigned the standard access permission set. By selecting none you can remove a previously assigned permission set.

To learn more about permissions please click here.
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