How do bounces work in Salesforce?

Campaign Monitor handles the delivery and bounce management process. There are different reasons a record could bounce, but they broadly split into hard and soft.

If a record hard bounces, the email address is removed from the subscriber list and added to the suppression list. In Salesforce, the subscriber list membership status will show the record is bounced. It will also be reflected in the suppression list. A record on the suppression list cannot be added to a subscriber list or be made active again until removed. In addition, any updates or changes made in Salesforce will not reflect on the corresponding Campaign Monitor record until it is made active again. 

If a record soft bounces, it is generally classified as a temporary delivery failure. You can learn more about soft vs. hard bounces here. Campaign Monitor will continue to send emails to soft bounces. However, if there are no opens or clicks after five attempts, the record becomes hard-bounced.

In Salesforce, while the record is soft-bounced and still receiving email addresses, updates will continue. Changing the standard email field found on the contact or lead will update the corresponding record in Campaign Monitor. For more information on bounce management within our integration please see - https://www.beaufort12.com/campaignmonitor/support/email-opt-out#bounce

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