How can I verify my Campaign Monitor account?

Typically the problem is that your Campaign Monitor user has not been verified. See: Verification

When you first create a Campaign Monitor account or you create an additional user you will receive a verification email. The email will contain a link that you need to click, which will complete the verification process. If you are not verified you will be able to connect to Salesforce.

If the Campaign Monitor connecting user is changed you might see a message on the Campaign Monitor tab within Salesforce stating you are not verified.

Campaign Monitor username permissions check your Campaign Monitor user has Full client access to learn more click here

Multiple clients - If you plan to connect multiple clients under the one account (i.e. agency model), then you can either

  1. Create or connect to an admin user ID at the top level - i.e. https://d.pr/XaOEFI
  2. Create a Campaign Monitor user with the same email address for each Campaign Monitor client you want to connect with Salesforce.
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