Field mappings in the direction of Campaign Monitor to Salesforce

If you want to have Campaign Monitor data update your Salesforce contacts or leads, you can use our field mapping feature.  Field mappings are part of every Campaign Monitor subscriber list record in Salesforce. They work independently of each list, so you have different mappings for every list.  Keep in mind many customers don't update Salesforce with Campaign Monitor data as, typically, Salesforce is considered the source of truth.  Here are a few key points to note:
  1. Field mappings are part of the primary sync, which runs every hour.
  2. There is no changed date field in Campaign Monitor, so we update all active subscriber records every time the sync runs.  This will, in turn, update the corresponding contact or lead every time.
  3. Campaign Monitor doesn’t have a "changed date" field. Consequently, all active subscriber records are refreshed with every time the sync runs. This action will also update any associated contact or lead.
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