Can I stop subscriber list membership records from being created?

You can further limit the data imported from Campaign Monitor by stopping subscriber list membership records being created, although generally this is not recommended.  These records show what contact or lead records are linked to subscriber lists in Salesforce. This is set per subscriber list in Salesforce using the prevent member sync option. This setting is optional when creating or editing a subscriber list in Salesforce.

With Prevent member sync turned on, the following data will be imported into Salesforce, which you can find under the Subscriber lists tab:

  • The list name.
  • The client name the list is associated with, if you have multiple clients synced.
  • The list type: single or confirmed opt-in.
  • The unsubscribe setting for the list.
  • Basic statistics for the list.

The following data will not be imported:

  • Subscriber email addresses.
  • Subscription dates.
  • Subscriber statuses.
  • Subscriber names.
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