Can I create my own reports?

Our objects are built to Salesforce standards so work with reports.  Included within our application is sample;

  • Report types.
  • Reports.
  • Dashboard.

The two objects you will be most interested in are:

  1. Subscriber list membership - Shows a Campaign Monitor membership record in Salesforce
  2. Email tracking history - Shows subscriber interactions with your email campaigns

Reports are based upon report types, we have set up a couple, but you may want to create your own.  Beaufort 12 does not create or support reports/dashboards for customers.  You do have the following options:

Report Types
As we use custom Salesforce objects to store data you can build your own custom report types. A custom report type allows you to work with different objects or use related lookups to pull data into a report. To learn more please see Salesforce trailhead - https://trailhead.salesforce.com/live/videos/a2r3k000001n21B/reports-and-dashboards---custom-report-types/?lang=en

Cross object filters
Cross object filters are a useful feature if you are looking to filter on a related object. For example, you might want to see which contacts are not in Campaign Monitor. To do this simply create a report based on contacts and then apply a cross object filter on the subscriber list membership object. They are a standard Salesforce feature which can help in several ways;

  1. Quickly see which contacts are or are not on a subscriber list.
  2. Use the filter to update only subscribers that are in Campaign Monitor.
  3. Show contacts that have or don't have email tracking history
  4. Combine Campaign Monitor records with fields on your contact or account objects

Start by creating a Salesforce report based on the contacts and accounts report type. You can now add the fields and filters you need to include in the report. When you are ready to run the report, add the cross object filter:

  • Click Filters
  • On the drop-down, click Add cross filter
  • Add your criteria, i.e., Show me contacts with subscriber list membership records.
  • Once you have the cross filter in place, you could consider adding a filter on the object, i.e., State = Active

You can learn more about how cross object filters work by clicking here.

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