Are there any API limitations?

Salesforce has strict governor limits around the use of API calls. Our application does not use any API calls when syncing.

There are two types of API calls, inbound and outbound. Outbound calls from Salesforce do not count against governor limits. All syncing is via outbound calls. These do not count against your Salesforce API limit.

There are two exceptions when we need to use an inbound API call:

  1. If you are using our import wizard with a Salesforce list view, this will use just one inbound API call.
  2. When viewing the sync settings page in our general settings tab, again, this will use up just one inbound API call.

If you'd like to learn more about API calls, please visit this Salesforce article.

The Campaign Monitor for Salesforce application never independently calls into your Salesforce environment. This means that we don't use up inbound API calls (typically 15,000 / 24 hours) or access your customer data. The only calls that are made back into the Salesforce environment are to obtain metadata in order to support list view imports and page layout configuration. Both of these actions are driven in real-time by your Salesforce users (i.e. we don't store any of your Salesforce connection details or make calls into your Salesforce environment independently of a direct request coming from your Salesforce environment). Campaign Monitor for Salesforce does not store any customer information (given its primary role is to sync data between the two systems). Customer data is stored in Salesforce and in Campaign Monitor.

No personally identifiable information (PII) is sent to Campaign Monitor without your permission or action. You can choose not to send any custom data to Campaign Monitor or even any subscribers. Any PII is viewable within the Campaign Monitor application (under subscriber custom fields). There are no other hidden fields that contain PII. More details on what is sent can be seen by viewing the technical Campaign Monitor API documentation  (which is used by Campaign Monitor for Salesforce).

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