Why do I have to pay for Emma - EM

We are Beaufort 12 Ltd a Salesforce development company that has built the integration between Emma and Salesforce. The fee for our application is separate from both Emma and Salesforce.

Our integration is charged based on the number of active subscribers. An active subscriber is an email address in Emma that is active (i.e. not unsubscribed, bounced, etc). We use that number against our tiered pricing model. So for example, if you have between 10,001 - 25,000 active subscribers your cost will be US$55 per month. For more detailed information on billing see this article. For non-profits, we provide a 15% discount after you sign up. 

If you are currently on our free fully-featured trial it will expire within 14 days. If you are interested in purchasing please take a look at our billing page which fully explains how our fees work.
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