Salesforce web to lead

  • Creating subscribers in Salesforce using web-to-lead

  • Keeping Salesforce as the source of truth

We recommend keeping Salesforce as your source of truth for customer data. Using the Salesforce web-to-lead approach ensures your valuable leads are safely stored in Salesforce before pushing to other systems.

If you plan to use Campaign Monitor journey's, you will need to enable Trigger 'joins a list' journey's when adding subscribers.

Create a Salesforce web-to-lead form

  1. Sign in to your Salesforce account.

  2. From setup, enter web-to-lead in the quick find box and then click web-to-lead.

  3. Click Create web-to-lead form.

  4. Select fields to include on your web-to-lead form. Use the add and remove arrows to move fields between the available fields list and the selected fields list, and use the up and down arrows to change the order of the fields on your form.

  5. Enter a return URL (i.e.

  6. Copy the HTML and add to your website.

Add leads to Campaign Monitor

Whenever we add a record to Campaign Monitor we do a number of quality checks. i.e. does the record have an email address, is it valid, are they already on the list, have they previously unsubscribed? etc. If you don’t see the email added to Campaign Monitor then check that the email is valid and is not on a suppression list.

Option 1 - Import wizard

  1. Create a Salesforce list view on the leads (or use the today’s leads list view).

  2. Navigate to the import wizard.

  3. On the select import type step, select Salesforce list view.

  4. Select lead for the Salesforce object and then the name of your list view (i.e. today’s leads).

  5. Optionally map any Salesforce fields that you would like to send to Campaign Monitor.

  6. Enable the schedule and select all days and all run times (this will run the import every hour).

  7. Press save.

The import wizard can run as often as every hour. The process runs under the user that creates the import so there is less likelihood of permission problems.

Option 2 - Subscriber rules

  1. Go to the subscriber list in Salesforce you want to add your leads to.

  2. Click on the Subscriber rules, then select the add lead subscriber rule and then click Edit.

  3. Enter a rule name and optionally a description.

  4. Choose when a record is created for evaluation time.

  5. Rule criteria - you don’t have to specify any criteria.  This would mean any record that was created or edited would trigger the rule. You can add criteria to restrict which records cause the rule to fire i.e. adding criteria for a record that had a source of website would only cause the rule to fire for a record that met that criteria.

  6. Rule logic - by default are ANDs, so if you have more than one rule criteria the record needs to meet all conditions. You can change this to use a combination of AND/OR i.e. 1 OR 2. To define more complex relationships, use Salesforce filter logic.

  7. Once you are happy with your rule you can click Save. You will also be prompted to enable the rule when saving if it is disabled.

Subscriber rules run instantly, as soon as a record meets the criteria. However they run as the user that triggered the rule, so ensure users have one of our permission sets to avoid permission issues. See: Permissions

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