• Re-subscribing a person is when you change their status back to active.

  • To comply with Campaign Monitor terms of use you must have permission to re-subscribe.

What is re-subscribing

If a person has unsubscribed or been deleted they are no longer active. Re-subscribing is the process of making a person active again.

A person with a deleted status can be made active again quite easily. However, a person that has unsubscribed is a slightly more complicated process to comply with Campaign Monitor terms of use. You will have to explicitly acknowledge that you have permission to do so.

Import wizard

The import wizard by default will only add records. However, you can enable a setting to re-subscribe deleted subscribers.

1. Go to our General settings tab
2. Enable re-subscribe deleted subscribers via import wizard

With this option enabled the import wizard will set deleted records back to active that are contained in the source (report, list view, campaign, etc...). It does not extend to records that have been unsubscribed.


In Salesforce navigate to the person's subscriber list membership record and the member detail sub-screen. Then click on the email opt in/out status to activate and confirm the prompt.

You can also change a person's status in Campaign Monitor directly. This Article shows you how.

Subscriber rules

Our subscriber rules feature allows you to resubscribe a record that has been unsubscribed. This can be done on the add lead or contact rules. To activate scroll to the bottom of the add rule until you get to the advanced settings section. Here you will see an option to re-subscribe subscribers, be default it is disabled. If you enable the option you are agreeing that you have permission to resubscribe a person.

1. You can only re-subscribe on add rules.
2. Re-subscribe only works with contacts or leads.
3. The option is per subscriber list and per rule.

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