Campaign Monitor Data

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  • What is Campaign Monitor data.
  • How is it stored in Salesforce.

What is Campaign Monitor Data

To help make the integration as seamless as possible, we store Campaign Monitor data in Salesforce. It allows you to see and report upon Campaign Monitor data in Salesforce. You don't need to worry about the structure, how data is added, updated, or removed. The integration will take care of this for you.

It is worth knowing what some of these key objects are and what they do.  If you have been using Campaign Monitor for a while, these terms will already be familiar.

1. Subscriber list  -  A group of people you can send emails to. 
2. Subscriber list member - A person in a subscriber list.
3. Email tracking history - The interaction by a person with an email. 

Subscriber Lists

If you are an existing Campaign Monitor user, you will already have one or more subscriber lists.  But if you are new or need to create more, you can do that either in Salesforce or Campaign Monitor. In Salesforce a subscriber list is your jumping-off point. You can easily view the list details, see statistics, search members, and view associated segments.

Our most popular feature the import wizard is located on the subscriber list under automations in addition to subscriber rules, creating contacts or leads, and field mappings.

Import Wizard
Add and Salesforce records to Campaign Monitor, map custom fields and schedule to automate.

Subscriber Rules
Add or remove a Salesforce contact or lead record instantly to Campaign Monitor.

Create records
Create Salesforce contact or lead records based on Campaign Monitor subscribers.

Field mappings
Map Salesforce fields to Campaign Monitor fields or vice versa.

Creating subscriber lists

We recommend creating a subscriber list in Salesforce as it will instantly be added to Campaign Monitor.  If you have created a list in Campaign Monitor, it will be added to Salesforce when the primary sync runs, typically every hour.

Deleting subscriber lists

When you delete a subscriber list in Salesforce, it will instantly be removed from Campaign Monitor. If you have deleted a list in Campaign Monitor, the primary sync will need to run to remove it from Salesforce.

Subscriber list members

A subscriber list membership record is essentially an email address that belong to a subscriber list. We create these records in Salesforce and they are optionally linked to a contac
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